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Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard
Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII. became Queen of England. Grand-daughter of the second duke of Norfolk, Thomas Howard. Her father was poor and was raised in the home of her Grandmother, Duchess of Norfolk. She entertained several lovers, among them her music teacher, a cousin Thomas Culpepper, and the Duchess' retainer.

Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester made arrangements for meetings between Catherine and Henry VIII. After the divorce, July 9, 1540, from Anne of Cleves, Henry married Catherine on the 28th of the same month. Catherine was accused of infidelity in November 1541, to which she confessed prenuptial misconduct, but denied charges of adultery.

Two lovers were executed, and Catherine cleared until evidence of adultery was produced, a bill of attainder passed in Parliament and Catherine was beheaded.


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